Why Choose Moorholme Park

Everyone in this world loves travelling, if you love something then you get very passionate about it, most of the times travelers who love travelling turn their passion into their income as well, but the people who travel very less but they are very fond of it, they really hate when they do not get an off from their office, for an instance if you got an off from your office and you are planning to travel but you own a pet, it will put you in stress that how can you take your pet along with you, so here we provide you with a simple solution that you can leave your pet in a boarding.  Most of the boarding leave the pets and just give them food, nothing else! A pet needs attention and care as well which they do not provide, therefore people avoid leaving their pets in boarding.  But you can leave your pet to Moorholme Park without any stress and fret. We not only provide your pet with the food and stuff, but we also provide them with the care and affection that they need. We are based in Australia and we are organized specially for taking care of your pets.

We provide pets with a very friendly and clean environment so that they do not get sick. We also provide them with activities for their fun and composure. The food that we provide to pets is very hygienic to keep them away from any disease. If the pet has not gone through vaccination, then we make sure that we provide it with the vaccination as well to save him from any unwanted habitat.  We also provide the service of transporting pets overseas. If you want to gift a pet to someone who is living outside Australia, then we will help you with this. We will transport it for you whether if you want to transport it in Australia or outside Australia. To gain more details about this transporting pets overseas you can see this page for such reliable information.

Our pet transport service is legal as we have a legal contract to the Australian Government so you do not have to worry about all the legal or illegal stuff. You can completely rely on us. Moreover, if your pet is left with us, we will take care of it like it is our own. We believe that the pets are the most innocent creatures on this planet that need nothing but love, care and affection. All they require is love and care to be happy. We have so many pets, and we have fully trained them so when they meet, it becomes a very friendly environment for them to live happily. So feel free to contact us and leave your pet with us without any fret.