What Is Kia Sorrento Nudge Bar?

You might be wonder to know what is kia sorrento nudge bar. So, Steeler nudge bar designed especially for Kia Sorento 2012-2014, is a front-end bar that is created for the protection of integral components of the engine. Nudge bar serves two in one purpose, it not only ensures safety and protection but also provides KIA Sorento a very distinctive look. The diameter of the nudge bar that gives proper protection is 70mm and the thickness must be 2mm. the stainless-steel tube is polished to give it a shiny look and is a direct fit to the front end of the vehicle in hassle freeway, without need to drill or cut.

Nudge bars are specially designed to provide a classy and sleek to KIA Sorento, furthermore, the bars are going through a number of tests and experiments to find out that they are designed according to the highest safety standers or not.

Benefits of kia sorrento nudge bar

Whenever you are off from some adventure trip, you should have to make sure your vehicle protection, Nudge bars are the essential piece of your traveling kit to provide your vehicle high standard security.


When it comes to vehicle security with a perfect blend of rugged style, nothing can beat the nudge bar in it. They are constructed in the tube of polycarbonate or aluminum, which is very light weighted. They are specially designed for the protection of KIA Sorento against minor dings at the front. Nudge bar will also protect your KIA Sorento from bumps and scratches. Ideal 360-degree protection is offered by the nudge bar for your KIA Sorrento. A must-have thing nudge bar is if you are a KIA Sorento owner.


Nudge bar is specially designed to prevent any kind of loss due to animal attack. If a wild animal somehow manage to attack you at the middle of your journey and you don’t have Nudge bar for your KIA Sorento then you will have a great troubling time, because it will be difficult for you to manage yours and KIA Sorento both at the same time, but if you are wise enough to install Nudge bar in your KIA Sorento then this type of accidents are negligible for you.


No doubts safety and protection are two important advantages of the nudge bar, but after these two keys here come another advantage of the nudge bar for KIA Sorento is its practical approach. A nudge bar provides you a perfect place for hanging and fitting some accessories that are essential as a need and are essential for the looks as well as watches and lights. Nudge bar is the part of your life as a roader, it is a worthy standard to have your lights and watches attached to a nudge bar.

Do it yourself

Nudge bar is DIY installation bars, they are super easy to install you can easily do it on your own without taking the help of any other mechanic or professional. You will not find it a fatigue to install it and it will take very little time for installation.