The Responsibilities Of Occupational Hygienist

Every person is accustomed to fulfill certain responsibilities and these responsibilities must be fulfilled as the life or survival of many people is dependent upon that one person. For instance a doctor must fulfill his duty of prescribing his patients accurately as their lives are at the mercy of doctor. Similarly, an engineer must construct the buildings or bridges honestly otherwise many lives can get harmed because of minor carelessness. Similar is the case with occupational hygienist. Occupational hygienist is the person whose job is to fulfill the responsibility of making the workplace free of contamination. In this article, we will be discussing about occupational hygienist and his various responsibilities.

Occupational hygienist:

Occupational hygienist is the person whose job is to maintain the environment of his workplace clean and healthy. This cleanliness differs from the daily cleanliness which is done by sweepers or maids. This cleanliness is the cleanliness of hazardous elements. Hazardous elements are the elements that can prove to be fatal for human beings and also for other surrounding living things. These hazardous elements can be in gaseous form, in liquid form or in solid state. Moreover, they cannot be easily detected as they are mixed with other components. Basically, there are nine hazardous elements that are present in our environment. These hazardous substances are explosives, poisonous gasses, toxic substances and other such infectious materials.

The responsibilities of occupational hygienist:

Occupational hygienist is given with multiple responsibilities which he has to fulfill for his sake and fir the sake of other human beings. The responsibilities of occupational hygienist begin with the detection of hazardous elements. This detection is either done by collecting the suspected material and giving it to the laboratory for further confirmation or the detection of a hazardous element can also be done by the licensed assessors. After the material has been identified with a hazardous substance then the process of its removal begins. This removal is done either by complete evaluation of a product or by replacing the existing product with another product which is non-hazardous.

Conclusively, we can say that the responsibility of an occupational hygienist is to make sure that the place he and his colleagues are working in is free of any kind of hazardous elements. The presence of these hazardous substances varies from place to place so does the diseases that come along with these substances. So, occupational hygienist makes sure to clean the environment from any such fatal substance.


Every person in this world lives with certain responsibilities. These responsibilities are running the system properly. Everybody must fulfill his responsibilities as several lives are dependent upon each person. Occupational hygienist is the one whose job is to make sure that environment is free of any kind of hazardous elements by which he ensures the safety of his colleagues. These hazardous elements can be in the state of gas, liquid or solid. “Hazmat services” lets you hire the best and most professional Asbestos Assessor all across the Australia.