Natural Vs. Artificial Grass

Buffalo grass

The grass has been part of our life, not only because it is a part of our ecosystem but usually as part of our house. Everyone wants to have the lawn on their property if not, then any form of grass wherever the space is available to them. Because the green patch of grass adds freshness and gives the feel of nature. When you are deciding on the grass, there will be one question coming to your mind that which type of grass and in case of type, is it natural or artificial?

Yes, no the artificial grass has widely replaced natural grass especially when it comes to houses or other domestic purpose buildings. But that doesn’t mean that natural grass is not worth it, the natural grass has its advantages. Still, there are some factors of natural grass that people have shifted to artificial grass. The same is the case with artificial grass, it is not applicable for every situation, sometimes it can be a matter of choice and in other cases, it may not be the right fit. Here we will be drawing the comparison of Natural and Artificial grass.

  1. Growth: The natural grass will be needing time and care to grow whereas the artificial grass can easily be installed within a day. If you are living in the cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, then the best natural turf can be best buffalo grass as it’s all-weather grass and needs minimal care but still, it will take time to grow. If you need all-weather turf for Melbourne and Brisbane, then the artificial grass can be ideal, as it will require no effort throughout.
  2. Always Green: Yes, the artificial grass will always be green regardless of any weather. Even the best turf For Melbourne and Brisbane, like Buffalo grass will discolour in winter and will take a long time to turn green in spring. Whereas the artificial grass will always be green and not for only a year or two, even they can last for more than decades. This is the plus point of artificial grass over natural grass-like buffalo grass, as you will never see a discoloured patch of grass
  3. Cost: Natural grass is cheaper to grow, you will be needing the right seed, soil and water. The natural grass takes time and is easy to grow but the problem comes with its long-term cost which you will be spending on maintenance and watering. Whereas in the case of artificial grass, its first-time cost is high but throughout its life, it will require minimal maintenance and nearly no water. Just looking at the cost of watering for natural grass, will make you anxious. This is the reason that people prefer to spend one time on artificial grass. Especially the artificial grass can be the best turf for Melbourne and Brisbane. Please visit for more information.